Louis Rosen

In 1910, following the death of her husband, Ike, Rosa Rosen placed her sons Louis (5) and Marcus (6) in the Home. Although Rosa ran a small store in Little Rock, Arkansas, the income was insufficient to care for her sons in addition to her three other children. Louis and Marcus remained in the Home until 1919, when Rosa regained her financial stability and reclaimed the boys. Sadly, three years after returning to Little Rock, Marcus fell ill and suddenly died. 

 In 1925, after graduating from his Little Rock high school, Louis earned his law degree from the University of Arkansas and began his life’s career in insurance. By 1935, he became a partner with Williams & Rosen Insurance Company, where he served as president and board chair until his retirement in 1970. Louis led many professional and civic associations, including Arkansas Association of Insurance Agents and Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and served as president of Temple B’nai Israel.

Louis, who credited his years in the Home for enabling him to find his place in the world, also served on the board of the Jewish Children’s Regional Service. Along with his wife, he further expressed his gratitude by generously endowing the Vivian Brooks and Louis Rosen Summer Camp Fund.

In His Own Words

In 1983, Louis Rosen participated in the Jewish Children’s Home alumni project. Read Louis Rosen’s recollections, summarized by  fellow Home alumnus Janet Loeb Pfeifer, here.

Louis Rosen, undated

Louis Rosen, undated photo from 2005 obituary.