Home for Jewish Widows and Orphans, Jackson Avenue

The original Home on Jackson Avenue sheltered children from February 1856 to September 1887. Photo courtesy of Louisiana State Museum. Click here for additional images of the Home on Jackson Avenue.

Beyond the dozens of individuals highlighted in my book, Most Fortunate Unfortunates, this compendium includes additional photos and stories of Home alumni. As reflected by the registry numbers (in parentheses), these profiles are presented in order of admission to the Home, from its opening in 1856. Click on any alumni photo or name to view the profile.

I will be adding profiles as I complete them, so check back soon for more!

Painting of Home by WPA artist Clarence Millett

The Home on St. Charles Avenue sheltered children from September 1887 until its closing in November 1946. Painting by WPA artist Clarence Millett, c. 1935, Louisiana State Museum. Click here to view additional images of the Home on St. Charles Avenue.

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