Mollie Goldberg

In 1905, following the death of his wife, Bertha, Herman Goldberg admitted his three youngest children (Mollie, Frances, and Morris) to the Home from Jonesboro, Arkansas. 

While in the Home, Mollie served as an officer of the Golden City Sisterhood. In 1914, after graduating from Isidore Newman Manual Training School, Mollie joined her father in Memphis, where he had relocated to live with an older married sister. Although Mollie left no record of her later life, Herman remained in Memphis until his death in 1944, having spent his last eight years at B’nai Brith’s Home for the Aged.

Mollie Goldberg, Newman Pioneer 1914

In 1914, Mollie Goldberg became the third girl from the Home to graduate from Isidore Newman Manual Training School. As suggested by this tribute in the school’s 1914 Pioneer, Mollie endeared herself to classmates.